As the Moon travels through the Gemini sign, the need for greater communication,

self-expression, and a desire to be noticed increases. Emotions are fast and changeable, somewhat volatile. As the Moon approaches the Black Moon Lilith, we can more easily succumb to deceptions such as lies and deceptions.
Due to harmonious aspect of Mars and Saturn, we will feel a greater influx of forces, ambitions will increase. At this time, it is a good idea to take on the toughest jobs and finish them to the end.
Mėnuliui keliaujant Dvynių ženklu išauga poreikis didesnei komunikacijai, saviraiškai, norui būti pastebėtiems. Emocijos greitos ir permainingos, kiek nepastovios. Mėnuliui priartėjus prie… Daugiau