At the beginning of January, it is best to continue the work, we have started be

fore. While Sun is in Capricorn – it’s calmer time. Even the moon these days has a favorable aspect with the great conjunction – Saturn and Jupiter, so our emotions will be more stable, we will feel calmer. Today and tomorrow, Mercury has a positive aspect with Pluto – it will make our thinking sharper, deeper, we will feel more curious than usual, strive more for results and be more specific with our goals.
Sausio pradžioje geriausia tęsti pradėtus darbus, kol saulė ožiaragyje metas bus kiek ramesnis. Net mėnulis šiomis dienomis sudaro palankų aspektą su didžiąja konjunkcija – Saturnu ir Jupiteriu, tad mūsų… Daugiau