Currently, the Moon is traveling under the sign of Leo and this brings us more p

layfulness, a desire to compete and lead.
Thanks to the trine of Mercury and Saturn, it will be easier to concentrate, we will be more noticeable, the attention to detail will prevail. Therefore, this time is favorable for sciences, studies, implementation of important decisions, to perform such work that requires diligence, whether it is filling in a tax return, accounting or financial matters.

Šiuo metu Mėnulis keliauja liūto ženklu ir tai atneša mums daugiau žaismingumo, noro varžytis ir pirmauti.
Dėl Merkurijaus ir Saturno trino – bus lengviau susikaupti, būsime pastabesni, vyraus dėmesys detalėms. Todėl… Daugiau