Little by little, travelling throw New Moon’s period, we can plan new jobs, set

plans and priorities, from yesterday the Moon travels in the sign of Gemini, so our emotions will be a little faster, we will want to talk more, communicate with each other, we will want attention and company of friends, at the moment Sun forms conjunction with Lilith – so we can feel our aggravated flaws – jealousy, greed, excessive accumulation, will want unwarranted attention.
Po truputį, keliaujant Jaunaties periodu, jau galime planuotis naujus darbus, dėliotis planus ir prioritetus, nuo vakar Mėnulis keliauja Dvynių ženklu, todėl mūsų emocijos kiek greitesnės, labiau norėsis kalbėtis, komunikuoti… Daugiau