The Moon is currently in opposition to the Sun and Venus, there may be some emot

ional contradictions, including the desire to appear, to express oneself as a personality, but also to show our feelings and emotions, as the Sun and Venus are currently in the sign of Aries, short-term passions, quarrels, tension are possible if the different sides do not find a common, favorable compromise. The Moon, being a sign of Libra, will bring some diplomacy, but Libra is also playful and seeks attention, not avoiding dramas.
Šiuo metu Mėnulis sudaro opoziciją su Saule ir Venera, gali kilti kai kurių emocinių prieštaravimų, tarp noro pasirodyti, išreikšti save, kaip asmenybę, bet tuo pačiu ir… Daugiau