These days the Moon is approaching Uranus, there is also Mars and Lilita, so our

emotions will reach a peak, it is better to avoid sudden, reckless actions, not to succumb to the flaws that Lilita, currently in the constellation of Taurus – greed, excessive accumulation, financial, deception. When the moon is in the constellation of Taurus – it is better to engage in calm, stabilizing activities that would help to calm down, handicrafts, housework, activities with relatives can help – for example, a movie evening.
Žvelgiant iš žemės pozicijos, šiomis dienomis Mėnulis priartėja prie Urano, ten pat yra Marsas, bei Lilita, todėl mūsų emocijos pasieks piką, geriau vengti staigių, neapgalvotų… Daugiau