Today, Venus is moving to the Gemini brand, which will speed up trade and logist

ics, as well as will be favorable for stock exchanges and review financial plans.
Due to the somewhat stressful aspect of yesterday’s Venus and Jupiter – it will be favorable to have fun, but not to work hard, it may be harder to concentrate, there is a higher risk of unreasonable expenses, especially expensive items. At this point, there can be tensions in the relationship, an increase in cases of infidelity.
Šiandien Venera pereina į Dvynių ženklą, tai kiek pagreitins prekybą, logistiką, taip pat, bus palanku akcijų biržoms, peržvelgti finansinius planus.
Dėl vakarykščio veneros ir Jupiterio kiek įtempto… Daugiau