Today we will have the New Moon, which will take place in the sign of the Virgo.

As always, when the darkest time of the day is before dawn, it will be a bit more difficult emotionally before the New Moon, a gloomy mood, unfounded anger, anxiety can visit. When moon is still young, we can gradually start planning new works and activities.
On this day, the North Node of the Moon will approach Lilith – the black moon, it may seem that all around us is deceit and lies, so it is better not to give in to various conspiracy theories and focus on better things.

Šiandien sulauksime Mėnulio jaunaties, kuri įvyks Mergelės ženkle. Kaip ir visada, kai prieš aušrą būna tamsiausias paros metas, taip… Daugiau