We are still living in the mood a full Moon, today the Moon is traveling in the

sign of Sagittarius, it is a favorable time to learn new things, languages, it will be more attractive to travel, will want to escape somewhere, especially when the weather warms up, and it will be harder to concentrate. On the negative side of Venus and Neptune, we may feel less secure about our appearance, but we need to understand that such feelings do not reflect reality, it is better to ignore those doubts.
Vis dar gyvename pilnaties nuotaikomis, šiandien Mėnulis keliauja Šaulio ženklu, tai palankus metas mokytis naujų dalykų, kalbų, labiau trauks kelionės, norėsis kur nors ištrūkti, ypač šylant orams,… Daugiau