We will end September with the Moon in Cancer, which will bring more subtle wave

s of emotion. We will be more empathetic, more sensitive and more attached. This is a great time to take care of your home, your family and loved ones.
Thanks to the Sun and Saturn, it will be more convenient to achieve the set goals and take responsibility. It is good to share your experience and pass it on to the younger generation. Also, this is the right time if you are seeking promotion.

Rugsėjo mėnesį pabaigsime su Mėnuliu Vėžyje, kuris atneš subtilesnias emocijų bangas. Būsime labiau empatiški, jautresni ir prieraišesni. Tai puikus metas pasirūpinti namais, savo šeima bei artimaisiais.
Dėl Saulės ir… Daugiau