Situation on May 12 th

Interesting that more planets have moved to Russia side.
Pluto is just right over Moscow – it change masses psychicaly – tranforms them, we should wait long time for this country to change, about +- 20 years. And what is left after that?… Pluto also hits Finland – tranformations and preparations, tense.
If Russian goverment is going to ask for help from other countries, such as Azerbaijan, Turkey or Syria… is it worth for helping, answer is no, we should stop this madness right now.
Situacija Gegužės 12 d. Įdomu tai, kad dauguma planetų pajudėjo į Rusijos pusę.
Plutonas grynai virš Maskvos – tai psichiškai keičia mases – transformuoja jas, mes turėsime ilgai… More,