I just checked China chart and wanted to share it with you.

And look what an ideal chart it is – starts from 1th Aries – 12 th Pisces 🧐
Tension is growing after those China’s balloons airships over Atlantic, so I wanted to check what’s going on.
They have Venus, Jupiter in 8th – strong other’s money income, stocks market & etc.), Neptune 22° 4th- the nation is living like in illusion. Mercury 9th technology abroad, emty 11th – do not like to comunicate very much 😃 mostly, if needed. Saturn passing this house – indicates suppressed comunication from government, but it seems like it’s ending the cycle, hopefully 🤔

Talking about economy, (Jessica Adams article) the first hit was on 2021 june 13 th when Uranus enters 13° Taurus, (natal Saturn 13°) after the pandemic. (The chart below).

The first balloon in America airspace was spotted on January 28th (as they had Pluto 28° passing natal Uranus 28°, N.Node natal 28°, Mercury 12° passing Sun (MC), Chiron 12° and Moon – 0°) considance -not at all. (Chart below).

At the moment we can see, transiting Pluto 29° passing natal Uranus 28°, transiting Saturn 28°, natal Saturn 13°, Chiron 13° (Asc) – another challenge for their government 🤔 transiting Venus 6° – Sun 6°, also Venus and Jupiter will pass the Asc, again – big money involved, or it’s money distribution, we will see.
Uranus indicates rebellion, impulses, independence, shock (also nuclear power), and the Pluto is there, but it’s passing, we don’t know anything what’s happening there. When Pluto enters Aquarius it could give the nation more power to transform, to strike and communicate 🤔 is these balloons a diversion of attention… What do you think?