These days the Sun is moving to the sign of Aries, Venus is also coming here, so

due to the position of the Sun everything will turn out a little clearer, more determined, we will not hesitate as if the Sun is in the Pisces, we will take immediate work faster. Due to the position of Venus – you can catch unexpected sympathy, you can fall in love, how strong it will be, it is up to you, Venus in Aries is passionate and requires attention to yourself, so be careful what kind of partner is on your horizon.
Šiomis dienomis Saulė pereina į Avino ženklą, čia pat atkeliauja ir Venera, todėl dėl Saulės pozicijos viskas klostysis kiek aiškiau, ryžtingiau, nedvejosime taip, kaip Saulei būnant… Daugiau