Situation on May 9

Pluto is over St.Peterburg.
Mars over Moscow and middle of Ukraine – the main triger is here, extreme tension, Neptune – still delusion. Jupiter – it will affects masses and lot’s of us aren’t waiting for this day. Absurd is to show parade in the middle of the war.
Saturn and Moon over Norway – Nato are waiting and cheking the situation, it’s tense and emotions here. If Saturn would move over Sweden and Finland (not this time) – it could help them to sign the documents faster. Now we should wait.
Situacija Gegužės 9 d.
Plutonas bus virš St. Peterburgo.
Marsas judės virš Maskvos ir vidurio Ukrainos – pagrindinis trigeris čia – įtempta situacija. Neptūnas – vis dar… More,