Moldova charting.

They will keep their independence, but there is a big tension: Pluto close to their Saturn – they would want to sign Nato documents even right now, natal Moon aspects Pluto – transiting Moon conjuncts Jupiter, Neptune and Venus – and Mars is coming to them – there will be even more threats, but most of them are emotional, affecting their mental state. Sun and Uranus are in the opposite of their ASC, marching 7th house – the closest partner (ex) – is now their enemy threating with weapons and army.
Moldovos diagrama.
Jie išlaikys savo nepriklausomybę, bet yra didžiulė įtampa: Plutonas arti jų Saturno – jei galėtų, jie tuoj pat pasirašytų Nato dokumentus. Gimimo Mėnulis… More,